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Behavioral Therapist and Master Trainer, Bark Busters Dog Training for San Diego

Bark Busters 2014 International Trainer/Therapist of the Year

Justin Scher your local dog trainer and behavioral expertJustin Scher with Luca and Rosie - your LOCAL dog training and behavior expert. Bark Busters In Home Dog Training San Diego

I'm a certified Dog Behavioral Therapist and Master Trainer for International company, Bark Busters Home Dog Training; Central San Diego. And if you couldn't guess it by now, dogs are my life... In 2014, at Bark Busters' 25th Year Anniversary, I won the Bark Busters 2014 International Trainer of the Year AND the 2014 Therapist/Trainer of the Year: US, an honor and acknowledgment of my passion. I'm extremely fortunate to have found my calling. And through all of the hard work, and with almost 10 years, I've amassed so much experience and knowledge having worked with thousands of dogs; ANY DOG, ANY PROBLEM. There's nothing more gratifying to me than finding a solution for every single client that calls me. The beauty is that every day, I continue to learn and improve and my clients are the beneficiaries as a result.

The most important thing your dog needs to understand is that you're their leader and provider in virtually all aspects of their lives. I teach my clients how to be the "leader of the pack" by educating and coaching them. This is essentially how to root out your dog's unwanted behavior issues which will ultimately lead to a fun, happy and well-balanced relationship with your dog. When I work with you, I'll teach you how to correct unwanted behaviors and communicate to your dog by using only body language and voice tones which is essentially how they communicate to each other. It's really an amazing and proven technique... I do in-home training, private dog behavioral and obedience training because that is where we can get the most attention from the dog, it's where most problems occur, and it’s where we can obtain the fastest results. Clients see results literally in the very first session! Many of my clients come to me after other types of dog training methods have failed. Don’t give up on your dog without working with me first. Bark Busters Home Dog Trainers have saved many dogs across the country that would have been given up or put to sleep without our training.

My clients learn how to eliminate the “bad dog” behaviors like:

  • Nuisance barking
  • Aggression behavior
  • Jumping up
  • Pulling on the leash and walking to heel
  • Nipping/Chewing/Mouthing
  • Basic obedience (sit, stay, down, come)
  • Digging in the yard
  • Toileting in the house
  • Separation anxiety
  • Puppy training
  • Over excitement
  • And MORE!

VIDEO: Justin Scher gives tips for preparing your dog for the arrival of a new baby.

VIDEO: Justin Scher gives extra holiday training tips for your pooch.

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List of areas covered by Bark Busters San Diego Central:

Downtown, Harbor Island, Golden Hill, South Park, Hillcrest, Mission Hills, North Park, Swan Canyon, La Playa, Point Loma, Ocean Beach, Sunset Cliffs, Mission Valley, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay, Bay Park, Morena, Kearney Mesa, Linda Vista, Clairemont Mesa, Cortez, Mountain View, Skyline, College Area, Normal Heights, Kennsington, University Heights, Clairemont, Coronado, Coronado Cays, Lake Murray, San Carlos, Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, Allied Gardens, Otay Mesa, Santee, National City, San Diego, La Mesa, Spring Valley, Lemon Grove, Lake Murray, El Cajon, Linda Vista, Serra Mesa, Tierrasanta, Broadway Compound, Sports Arena.

Zip codes serviced: 92101, 92102, 92103, 92104, 92105, 92106, 92107, 92108, 92109, 92110, 92111, 92112, 92113, 92114, 92115, 92116, 92117, 92118, 92119, 92155, 92140, 92178, 91910, 91932, 91933, 92120, 92179, 92071, 91950, 91951, 92160, 91941, 91977, 91942, 92020, 92123, 92124, 92132, 92133, 92134, 92137, 92138, 92139, 92142, 92147, 92182, 92184, 92186, 92187, 92190, 92193, 92194, 92195, 92197

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